• Shopping in Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca, Peru, South America
  • Marrakech, Morocco
  • Planet Pilgrim in Brazil at Sete Quedas (Guaira Falls). Click image to go to the concept explained.
  • Tibetan-Ladakhi Ladies - in situ in Ladakh, Outer Tibet, India
  • Antigua, Guatemala, Central America - Christmas, 1980

Planet Pilgrim :: AU$ :: World Gift Shop and Travellers' Tales based in Australia supplying handmade gifts & hand-made Fair Trade Third World arts and crafts to the culturally adventurous ... Evoking the spirit of Planet Earth

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Planet Pilgrim is a world gift shop specialising in handmade & Fair Trade gifts that evoke traditional and exotic cultures and beliefs. These are also referred to as Third World gifts because the arts and crafts are often the hand-made creations of artisans in Third World countries. We also sell traveller backpack essentials such as organic hand cleanser for hygiene while on the road and water purifier for travellers, backpackers and trekkers on extended treks in wild, mountainous and remote places where there is no clean drinking water.

We offer handmade gifts and cultural artefacts that you could not fit into your backpack or budget at the time.

Our material offerings comprise symbolic and traditional designs containing spiritual traces and the cultural dna of ancient times and sacred places. An ethereal combination of the mists of time, symbolism and traditional myths and beliefs imbue these objects with magical possibilities and awe-inspiring beauty when viewed through the prism of the human imagination and cultural knowledge.

Evocative hand-made objects representative of the spirit of Planet Earth are our stock in trade.

Planet Pilgrim began online operations as PlanetPilgrim.com. This took the form of world adventure travel stories in 1999 and professional web design services in 2000. Our first online gift sale was in August, 2000 through Australia Gift Shop located on the original PlanetPilgrim.com website. The first online sale was a set of Aboriginal art drink coasters in August, 2000. Planet Pilgrim (world gifts) still sells these sets of drink coasters on this site. Australia Gift Shop was split off as its own online shop in 2003 and continues to operate as a successful online store at www.australiagift.com.au .

Whether you're looking for travellers' necessities such as effective 40-day water purifier, a Nepalese day backpack, larger hand-made gifts and mementos that would be too big to carry in a backpack, colourful ceramic jewellery from Guatemala, Tibetan bangles or a Berber necklace from Morocco, Planet Pilgrim's world gift shop can satisfy your needs and desires.

Planet Pilgrim is a Fair Trade Friend through The Fair Trade Association of Australia and New ZealandAs of 18th March, 2015, the status of Planet Pilgrim as a Fair Trade Friend became official - through The Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand. We support the growth of the Fair Trade Movement.

Planet Pilgrim's world gift shop is based on the Sunshine Coast, just north of Brisbane in the sunny state of Queensland, Australia. This is a perfect place to tether a wandering gypsy. Its world famous beaches, quaint mixture of cosmopolitan sophistication and local community, a very eco-friendly and environmentally-aware regional council, a backdrop of mountains with villages of artists, a highway named Bruce and markets with fresh produce equal to the best in Australia, are all part of an allure that can tame world-weary nomads.

Planet Pilgrim is a mobile-ready online gift store with a totally responsive design that changes webpage layout according to the size of screen and the device being used to browse the site. It also makes it easy to shop by travel story, shop by destination or shop by product category. We wish you enjoyment reading our travel stories and satisfaction browsing a growing product range we are proud of!

Here's a selection of our hand-made world gifts and cultural artefacts

Necklace from Morocco - Berber Jade
Price: $98.95 incl. GST

view Modern Hand-Painted Boomerangs buy Modern Hand-Painted Boomerang

Flashing Aussie Boulder Opal Watch
Price: $192.50 incl. GST

view Australian Opal Watches buy Australian Opal Watch

Bangle handmade by Tibetan refugee
Price: $38.94

view view

Leather Journal - Rajasthan, India
Price: $49.50 incl. GST

view Leather Journal - Handmade in Rajasthan in India buy Leather Journal - Handmade in Rajasthan in India

Clay Pot Hand-crafted in Morocco
Price: $396.00 incl. GST

view Don Sheil Metal Art Plate buy Don Sheil Metal Art Plate

Thai Buddha : Timber, 50cm tall
Price: $69.85 incl. GST

view Mouse Pad featuring Aboriginal Art buy Mouse Pad featuring Aboriginal Art

Moroccan Bowl Handmade Ceramic
Price: $39.60 incl. GST  NEW

view Don Sheil Metal Art Plate buy Don Sheil Metal Art Plate

Sugar Bowl - Marrakesh, Morocco
Price: $38.50 incl. GST  NEW

view Mouse Pad featuring Aboriginal Art buy Mouse Pad featuring Aboriginal Art

Bracelet - Nepal Bone Hindu Om
Price: $14.85 incl. GST  NEW

view Mouse Pad featuring Aboriginal Art buy Mouse Pad featuring Aboriginal Art

Phone Orders - Planet Pilgrim accepts orders and payments both ONLINE and BY PHONE.  Phone Orders
07 54727224
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